Incense is an ancient tool used for centuries across the planet by a plethora of different religions, cultures and spiritual practice. Modern witches, who have adapted their practice to the expansions and limitations of the modern world, still use the same ingredients used by spiritual masters of ancient times. Frankincense, sweetgrass, myrrh and sandalwood are still favored ingredients in the making of incense.  

Incense is usually made up from a combination of resin, gums and spices which release a comforting scent into the air when burned – thus justifying the connection incense has with the element of air.  

Much like essential oils, their uses and properties are multi-faceted and varied. They are used within a variety of spiritual practice to purify the air, objects and people, to help with concentration, to help draw money into one’s life, to strengthen the protective field around a person or a space or to draw love and stronger relationships to one’s life. 

Pagans burn incense in a tool called a censer, this can be found upon most alters. We pass our other magical apparatus through the smoke of burning incense it as a part of the process of dedication. Incense gives us another platform upon which to make offerings to our chosen deities.  

The smoke that is emitted from a burning incense stick aids us in changing the state of our consciousness through transforming the space around us. It clears the air alongside the mind, which can bring a stronger sense of relaxation and clarity to the practicing witch. This helps to build the appropriate ambiance that a witch requires for spell work. Reed diffusers also have the same effect on cleansing a space or an altar for ritual work. They don’t let off the same amount of smoke but their purpose is still effective. Check out or store where we offer an array of incense and reed diffusers ideal for any altar! 

Many pagans dedicate incense to a specific intention or deity during the ritual of their spell work. This is particularly helpful in strengthening the intention or the purpose of a spell if you didn’t make the incense but you want to personalise your goals. The process of doing this is very simple, you just light your incense and swirl it three times whist verbalising a few direct words of incantation or dedication over the smoke. For example – ‘I dedicate this incense to Hecete and all the magic I perform will be in her name’ or ‘I dedicate this incense to the goals I have within my workspace, I encourage its influence to help me flourish.’ 

There are magical practitioners who believe that the purest form of incense is grain incense, but the effectiveness of cone incense or stick incense alongside the benefits of their convenience, makes them a popular choice for witches across the world. You can find all the literature and ingredients you need to choose and use the right kind of incense for you in our online shop. Come and have a browse at our collection, where you’ll find more information about specific kinds of incense.