Defining New Age art

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Within the New Age and Pagan communities spiritual or psychic art seems to be prevalent on websites, in magazines, and at shows which surround the culture. Psychic art and spiritual art appear to be quite different things after some detailed look into its creation, and this becomes obvious by their differing visual presentations. Psychic art seems to take many different forms, a few being: spirit guide portraits, interpretations of auric energy, drawings of future events, drawings of spirit, drawings of mythological beings, worshipped figures, and other worlds. This type of art work is done through different methods; some use their “spirit guides” to overshadow them and produce the art work; this may be considered mediumistic automatism. Psychic art is often of realistic style of a specific person, creature, place or energy; although it can seem haphazard because it is an interpretation of said subjects. Whereas spiritual art can be of a subject matter not confined to any boundaries. As such this type of art work emerges in more of a surrealistic or abstract nature. It is affected by higher consciousness energy rather than a direct communication or overshadowing. Psychic and spiritual art differs to any other because it not composed by study, and it is not a skill which is learnt. Much supposed psychic art is an artwork which hasn’t been channelled; it is only a creative piece of New Age themed work. True psychic art can be verified by the person it was drawn for because of its content and its personal meaning; it will not have been influenced by the artist’s eye and is not a copy. It should be done by someone with renowned sixth sense ability – Don’t be taken in by an artist who is one of con. Much of this supposed psychic or spiritual art can all look quite the same, full of seraphic and Olympian entities, or supernatural beings like fairies, elves, unicorns, dragons and mermaids, or be of another New Age and Pagan connotation.
It’s easy to create your own spiritual artworks; there are many techniques to use to help connect to the collective consciousness or supreme energy. It is important to focus on a link to the divine and then channel that energy through the mind, which is then carried to the hands (the conduit) and onto the canvas. Spiritual art does not have to be of a religious icon or angelic figure; it has to come from the source of all things and is a reflection of that power. It should emanate an essence and tender a higher vibration. The first step to creating a true piece of work is to stimulate your mind and the senses with music – particularly that of Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, chants, ancient compositions, or the sounds of nature; because this is inspiring and exciting yet relaxes the body. Hold crystals and repeat positive affirmations to access the correct path; a deep and positive attitude is key. Some people prefer to meditate before creating a piece of work. Once the third eye is open then visions can ensue and psychic abilities can take over. This work is produced by a different and more specific source (like a spirit person, guide, or other divine being). However if this doesn’t happen it is still possible to continue channelling the tapped energy of the eternal and transcendental. It is the energy which we are all made from, what the natural world is comprised of; ethereal, invisible, untouchable and hallowed life essence. If you’re Pagan it may be a good idea to ask a deity associated with art to help you feel a connection with celestial energy. Some paintings are done for specific reasons and these should be stated and kept in mind as the painting is being done.
Some would say psychic and spiritual art is one and the same because it all comes from the same place and others would disagree and categorize it. It is important to note that you do not have to be an artist to try this. However there are many visionary artists who were accomplished artists before they started to paint the visions they were seemingly bestowed with; look at the works by William Blake. Visionary art is also considered by some people to be another different f type of art separate to that of psychic and spiritual. Whatever you’re thinking on this matter; the energy must be allowed to flow through the body, and the objective mind must be still and none inhibiting. Your safety should also be considered because some acknowledge this activity as a form of mediumship, which is true when being overshadowed by a spirit. It may be prudent to protect one’s self with white light beforehand. Pens, pencils, paints, pastels, graphite and charcoal, along with a canvas or sketch book should be available to take up when the moment strikes. Don’t think about what you’re doing or plan ahead, let the tool in your hand mark the paper and let the energy guide your hand. It is even possible to close your eyes if you wish and see what you have achieved later. Just remember one rule: let the piece take its course without too much interference from the analytical mind. Who knows…? You may be the next New Age visionary… or accredited psychic artist! 
Beth Champion