Tarot Cards

Tarot Card Fairy



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Tarot Card Old Path



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Tarot Card The Vampire



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The Sorcerers Tarot

“Delightful Tarot deck with art by Antonella Castelli. A full 78 card deck. In a world of Magicians, magic touches the heart of eveything!”


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Rider Waite Tarot Cards

“This very popular, traditional Tarot deck comes from someone who was considered a leading authority on the subject – A E Waite.


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Pagan Tarot

“The Pagan Tarot deck has been designed to reflect the changing rythms and cycles of nature. A 78 card deck with full instructions for use.


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Tarot of The Druids

“The Druids were leading representatives of the Celtic people who believed in reincarnation and in the strong relationship between the forces of nature. These Pagan elements are displayed within the symbology of the Tarot of the Druids beautifully.


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The Crystal Tarot Deck

“Infinite emotions are revealed in the delicate lines of tempera and pastels, as if imprisoned in the fragile outline of a stained-glass window. Touching these card is entering a world of pure beauty and love.


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Celtic Tarot Deck

“These Celtic Tarot cards tell of the legends and feats of an ancient people whose close relationship with the spiritual dimensions of nature has only been recently re-evaluated. the Celtic tarot leads you on a voyage through legends and symbols of the ancient people.

78 Card deck with instructions


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Tarot Of The Elves Deck

“This deck contains 22 Major Arcana which illustrate the adventure of Prince Alberich. Each suit of the Minor Arcana depicts a story funamental to eleven cultures and values. The included booklet tells the stories and meanings of each card.

78 Card deck with instructions.


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Sensual Wicca Tarot Deck

“Follow the cycle without end of the sacred Sabbat, encounter the Great Goddess, the Horned God and the Maiden, Mother and Old Woman. Come and discover the secrets of love and of loving relationships’. Here, then is what is hidden in the depths of the Wicca Tarot of Sensuality.

78 card deck with instructions


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Tarot For Everyone – SET

“A wonderful set for beginners which includes a classic tarot deck with a manual. It explains everything that is needed to allow you to start using the tarot immediately, with dozens of spreads from the easiest to the more complex.

. Classic 78 card deck
. 64 Page book


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