Sachets – White

“A Pagan delight. Very useful sachets, fill with ritual herbs for bathing or use for protection sachets around the home.

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Sachet – Blue

“Light blue is the colour for peace and harmony in the home. Fill the sachet with magical herbs and hang at windows and doorways. Use for ritual bathing for wisdom, harmony and peace.


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Sachet – Green

“Green is traditionally the colour for prosperity, fertility and success. Fill with magical herbs and use in ritual baths, or hang around the home.


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Sachets – Lemon

“Yellow is the colour associated with clairvoyance, communication and learning. It represents the element air and the cardinal direction East.


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Sachet- Purple

“Purple is the colour for psychic and spiritual developement. A very good colour for ritual bathing and hanging around the house for Samhain.


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Sachet – Black

“Use black sachets for clearing negativity, protection, banashing and uncrossing. Fill with the appropriate herbs and crystals during a ritual.


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