Tree Agate Runes

“Lovely Tree Agate crystal Runes. With handy zip-pouch and basic instructions.
Revered by the Greeks as the stone of abundance, tree agate has strong connections with Mother Earth and is a good crystal for bringing clarity to situations.


Order Tree Agate Runes Tree Agate Runes @ £14.99

Rose Quartz Runes

“Made from Rose Quartz (the stone of Love) this is a beautiful, engraved set of natural tumblestone Runes


Order Rose Quartz Runes Rose Quartz Runes @ £14.99

Rune Stones Agate



Order Rune Stones Agate Rune Stones Agate @ £14.99

Rune Stones Clear Quartz



Order Rune Stones Clear Quartz Rune Stones Clear Quartz @ £14.99

Quick Reference Runes Poster (A4)

“A handy guide to the runes giving the pronunciation, the meaning, the tree correspondance and letter each symbol represents. Ideal for placing on the wall, keeping with a rune set or tucking into a Book of Shadows.


Order Quick Reference Runes Poster (A4) Quick Reference Runes Poster (A4) @ £2.49

Gemstone Runes – Citrine

“Gemstone Runes. Tumbled citrine engraved with the elder futhark symbols. As they are engraved, they will not rub off with constant use.


Order Gemstone Runes - Citrine Gemstone Runes - Citrine @ £16.99

Gemstone Runes – Rock Crystal

“Gemstone runes, tumbled rock crystal engraved with the Elder Futhark runic symbols. Includes a blank ‘wyrd’ rune.


Order Gemstone Runes - Rock Crystal Gemstone Runes - Rock Crystal @ £16.99

Gemstone Runes – Sodalite

“Sodalite is a wonderful stone to turn to if you are faced with difficult decisions. It helps you to view a situation with objectivity and detachment thus making choices based on fact rather than emotion. It is a good stone for self expression and communication. Exactly what you need from a set of Runes!

Order Gemstone Runes - Sodalite Gemstone Runes - Sodalite @ £16.99

Gemstone Runes – Amethyst

“Amethyst is a wonderful stone for enhancing psychic gifts, it is excellent for meditation by quietening the mind and helping to find deep, inner peace it also helps us to discover our own inner wisdom.
A really good stone for Runes.


Order Gemstone Runes - Amethyst Gemstone Runes - Amethyst @ £18.99

Black Agate Runes

“Black agate runes in a handy zip-up pouch. A lovely protective gemstone, nice even colour.


Order Black Agate Runes Black Agate Runes @ £14.99