Pentagram Jewellery

Runic Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver)

“The runic symbols and the pentagram combine to make a powerful Pagan pendant. Cast from Sterling Silver, a very nice piece.


Order Runic Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver) Runic Pentacle Pendant (Sterling Silver) @ £20.99

Celtic Pentacle – Eternity (Sterling Silver)

“Delicately cast sterling silver pentagram intertwined with the celtic wheel of eternity. All enclosed in a protective circle. A lovely pendant for a Pagan.

Order Celtic Pentacle - Eternity (Sterling Silver) Celtic Pentacle - Eternity (Sterling Silver) @ £12.99

Pentagram Pendant – Sterling Silver

“An open Pentagram pendant in Sterling Silver. A lovely piece of protective pagan jeweller.


Order Pentagram Pendant - Sterling Silver Pentagram Pendant - Sterling Silver @ £18.99

Chunky Pentacle (Sterling Silver)

“A very nice chunky-looking Pentacle pendant, with interlocking pentagram. Crafted from Sterling Silver, with a fixed bail and black inlay.


Order Chunky Pentacle (Sterling Silver) Chunky Pentacle (Sterling Silver) @ £22.99

Pentagram – Brooms of The Elders

“Pentagram of the Elders – double sided and crafted from Sterling Silver. a really nice piece of Pagan jewellery.”


Order Pentagram - Brooms of The Elders Pentagram - Brooms of The Elders @ £22.99

Pentagram and Triple Moon (Pewter)

“Unusual pendant featuring a triple moon design with central pentagram. Lovely large fixed bale with cotton, adjustable cord. Made from Nickel-free pewter.


Order Pentagram and Triple Moon (Pewter) Pentagram and Triple Moon (Pewter) @ £2.49

Lunar Goddess Pentacle (Sterling Silver)

“A very, very nice Wicca pendant. The protective pentagram is overlaid with a lunar Goddess and a triple moon. A gentle side to the Pagan path. Made from Sterling silver to last a lifetime.


Order Lunar Goddess Pentacle (Sterling Silver) Lunar Goddess Pentacle (Sterling Silver) @ £18.99

Pentagram – Oak Leaf

“A very nice, double sided, sterling pentagram encircled with a wreath of oak leaves.

Order Pentagram - Oak Leaf Pentagram - Oak Leaf @ £10.99