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2014 is Along Its Way

Hi, i feel its time to start writing on this blog, i know its long overdue so as we now march along our pagan merry way into 2014, i decided it time to pull my finger out and start writing. watch this space…

things i want to consider, as a taste it things to come, random musings on the pagan way of life and those little unanswered questions you lay awake at night mulling over.

Questions like, why is there such a lack of men in covens across the UK?

Does me owning a car mean i can never truly connect with the energies of the earth?

and much more…

blessed be


The wayward pagan


Hello, I thought it past the time when I should actually start writing a reqular blog. A blog about the thought a feelings of a somewhat wayward pagan and how I see life, the universe and everything, all from a male witches  point of view.
Just so I set the picture and you know who I’m talking about, I’m a 31 year old male eclectic witch, sometimes however, I feel like I’m going on 95. I live in Chester, England with my partner, for privacy purposes, let’s rename him James. We have 2 cats, a snake and some fish. We have been together for over 7 years. He is a pagan too.
I am high priest of a coven, I love my coven and all the people in it, although sometimes it is very hard work, trying to organise people but at the same time making sure you have a balance and your not pushing them.
I have been pagan for as long as I can remember and cant ever see myself being any different. I don’t think people choose to be pagan any more than they choose to be gay, you just are, it’s just part of who you are, it’s so drenched into every fibre of your being than to not be, would mean that you would stop being whole.
Anyway, that’s enough background be me, I’m. Sure you will get to know more as I write my pagan blog. I just wanted to set the scene.
Speak to you soon and blessed be

Beltane Thornborough Hedge Pagan Celebration 2012

In my many years of being a pagan, up until the Beltane just gone, I had never been to a pagan camp. The reason for this is due to many reasons. For one, reports on some pagan camps led me to believe that some of them were ones I would not want to go to anyway, and the other reason was that, until recently, I used to work in a job that meant I had to work weekends.

For Beltane this year however, I was invited to the Thornborought Hendge pagan Beltane Celebrations by two pagan friends who were going and camping the weekend. I trust both of them implicitly so decided it wasn’t going to be ‘one of those types of camps’. For a different reason not mentioned above, I could not go, but we were invited to go for just the Sunday for the day. My two friends however, were camping the weekend.

It said on the website that they encourage you to dress up in your entire pagany garb; I don’t get to do this very often in situation where I won’t look like an orange in a basket of apples. So, off I went dressed up, with a few members of my coven.

We turned up a little late, so the ‘ritual’ was already underway, the ritual from what we could see from behind the crowd of people was more like theatrical performance. Having said that, it was well done the organisers had clearly put a lot of time and effort into it. Because we couldn’t see a lot, we decided to walk round the amply selection of pagan type stalls set up around hendge.

We walked around the perimeter looking at the stalls and chatting to the very friendly people behind them. Except an ice cream half way round, I didn’t buy anything for no other reason except I already own all the pagan equipment I need and can’t justify buying yet another athame or wand.

After wondering round we then went and sat with my friends outside their camping spot ( it was actually a caravan, posh pagan, oooh eeer!) and had cups of tea and nattered while listening to the music from the central tent on the hendge.

All in all it was a brilliant day, my compliments to all the organisers, it was informal, very friendly, lots of interesting stalls to look at and really great company (thanks Dan, Emma, Glenys, Andrea, ken and Dave.) There were no workshops or other formal ‘stuff’ like other pagan type events I have gone to but this was good; it allowed me to not get too heavy on my first non-camping pagan camp.

I would like to commend the event organisers again especially because to attend the event is completely free. I commend them for hosting the event, from experience I know organising and hosting events like that are, most of the time, a bubbling hotbed of stress, added to that stress is the fact that most pagans work on pagan time, which is usually 2 hour behind normal time.

I highly recommend this event to any who is considering going to a pagan camp for the first time, or even if you have been to a pagan camp but not this one. Because of this, I am now defiantly looking to go on a camping pagan camp.

Welcome to our Blog

Hello and merry meet and welcome to our blog. This is where we place our pagan and new age musings of the day, thoughts and opinions of pagan life and current affairs relating to paganism, new age and witchcraft. Feel free to comment on anything written here, we welcome your feedback and input.

Mabon Approaches

As Mabon approaches, for our first entry in the magic spirit blog, we wanted to wish all our pagan customers, new and old, a vary happy harvest season and explain what this spoke on the great pagan wheel means to us.

In times of old, Mabon, also called The Autumn Equinox, was the time of year when it was time to bring in the harvest, a time of thankfulness at what the gods had given, and a time to prepare for the coming winter months and the hardship that would inevitably bring.

Pagans of today perhaps don’t face the harvest with the same dependence as we once did, but thankfulness of what we are given still exists, it has just changed form.

Mabon is the point on the great turning wheel where the day and the night are of equal length, lending us to reflect on the need to balance and to evaluate what is important to us. It is a good time to start new venture and polish off old ones.

This leads me to comment on Magic Spirit new website, we have redesigned it to reflect more of the true essence of paganism and hope this will accurately reflect more of what the pagan belief is all about. We hope you enjoy browsing our shop and thank you for Visiting.