New Age Bracelets

Blue Lace Bangle

“A feminine silver coloured bangle. The pale blue stone compliments and balances the design. Easy to take on and off, a nice piece of everyday jewellery.”

Order Blue Lace Bangle Blue Lace Bangle @ £4.99

Black Onyx – Bangle

“Black onyx is a crystal associated with powerful protection. It absorbs and dispells negative energy, balance the yin and yang and is very good for relieving stress. Set in a very pretty silver cloloured bangle. A nice piece of new age jewellery.”

Order Black Onyx - Bangle Black Onyx - Bangle @ £4.99

Rhodonite – Bangle

“Rhodonite is a crystal that is very good for grounding, gathering scatted thoughts and supporting during trauma and grief. A very pretty pink crystal set in a silver coloured bangle. A very nice piece of everday new age jewellery.”

Order Rhodonite - Bangle Rhodonite - Bangle @ £4.99

Sodalite – Bangle

“A pretty bangle set with a Sodalite crystal. Sodalite is a lovely gemstone for promoting peace. It is good for healing rifts in a relationships, for aiding communication and for assisting the decision making process.”

Order Sodalite - Bangle Sodalite - Bangle @ £4.99

White Howlite – Bangle

“A lovely, torque style bangle set with a natural white howlite gemstone. A very attractive piece of jewellery.”

Order White Howlite - Bangle White Howlite - Bangle @ £4.99

Rose Quartz – Bangle

“A very attractive torque style bangle set with a large, polished Rose Quartz cabachon. Rose quartz is the gemstone for love and peace. a lovely crystal to wear.”

Order Rose Quartz - Bangle Rose Quartz - Bangle @ £4.99

Hematite – Bangle

“Hematite is a powerful crystal for grounding, shielding and dispelling negative energy. It is a stone associated with heightening psychic awareness. Set in a silver coloured bangle, this is a very nice piece of New Age jewellery”

Order Hematite - Bangle Hematite - Bangle @ £4.99

Wooden Bead Bracelet

Popular, unisex, elasticated wood and silver bead tribal bracelet.

Order Wooden Bead Bracelet Wooden Bead Bracelet @ £1.99