Bat’s Heart

“Said to attract good luck when playing games of chance. Carryy the heart in a green cloth bag and anoint with protection oil.”

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Patchouli Love Roots

“Carry pieces of root in red flannel bag with a rose quartz crystal to keep your love strong’.”

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Goofers Dust Powder

“Pale green powder, traditionally thrown onto the property of your enemies to throw them into confusion – an occasionally necessary defence strategy.

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Adam & Eve Roots (Pair)

“Principally used by lovers: One lover carries the Eve root and the other lover carries the Adam root. This keeps your lover true to you and discourages rivals. also used for attraction, to bring a love rto you, or for a marriage proposal.”

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High John the Conqueror (Root)

“Use High John the conqueror for money, love success happiness and for breaking hexes. Anoint the root and carry in a green sachet for success. Carry the root with you to guard against hexes and curses, or to break hexes already in place.

To make High John the Conqureror oil, score the root and leave to soak in vegetable or mineral oil for several weeks before use. Leave the root in the oil and then use freely. (Scott Cunningham)

Note:- Not always available in paper packets.”

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Swallow Heart

“These swallow hearts are used as a powerful love attractor when carried in the pocket or in a red flannel bag. Makes others desire you. Anoint with head or love oil.”

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