Incense Holders

Soapstone Incense Holder

“Soapstone Pentacle Incense Holder. 10cm x10cm”

Order Soapstone Incense Holder Soapstone Incense Holder @ £3.49

Pentagram Incense Holder (Large)

“Large, carved wood incense stick and cone holder. Pentagram design, can hold one central incense cone and up to 15 incense sticks!

Measure approx 13cms in diameter.”

Order Pentagram Incense Holder (Large) Pentagram Incense Holder (Large) @ £4.49

Brass Censor – (9cm)

“Solid 2 part, Brass Censor with hanging chain. For use with traditional charcoal discs and incense, Incense cones or T.lights.”

Order Brass Censor - (9cm) Brass Censor - (9cm) @ £10.49

Elephant Incense Stick Holders (Pair)

A pair of small, gold coloured, resin ‘lucky elephant’ incense stick holders.
Elephant incense stick holders measure approx 6.5cms in length and stand approx 5.5cms.


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