Candle Assessories

Candle Snuffer – Brass Hinged

“Traditional candle snuffer. Long wooden handle with brass bell end. Hinged for ease of use.

Candle snuffer measures approx 35cms long.”

Order Candle Snuffer - Brass Hinged Candle Snuffer - Brass Hinged @ £3.99

Brass Candle Snuffer – Mini

“Solid brass candle snuffers. Full size bell, but short handle. These are ideal for tucking away in the Pagan toolchest and especially good if you run a mail order business and find the long handled version inconvenient to send.”

Order Brass Candle Snuffer - Mini Brass Candle Snuffer - Mini @ £3.99

Candle Snuffer

“In spellcraft is is best to extinguish candles by snuffing them out – either with the blade of an athame, your fingers or with a candle snuffer. If a candle is blown out, it is considered something of an insult – and the spell may not be as effective.”

Order Candle Snuffer Candle Snuffer @ £3.99

Candle Adhesive – Cards

Handy cards containing 15 individual spots of candle adhesive. A good accessory to keep in stock.

Order Candle Adhesive - Cards Candle Adhesive - Cards @ £1.99